Visual Thinking

Woke up early this morning and started to look at a new book I’ve bought about expressing ideas in drawings. I’m enjoying the approach and was inspired to download Autocad Sketchbook to have a play. Difficult to draw with your finger though!

Whlist I love words and language – it made my day when i discovered the Norwegian phrase koblemotor was translated by dear old Google to pairing engine – I’m definately a ‘visusal type’

I find that if I can draw something I can understand it. Maybe drawing is part of exploration and text is well … description! Or maybe this is to simplistic? Maybe if I was a better wordsmith I’d be able to explore better?

I suppose narrative is more linear in nature when a sketch can be more random and link concepts in a way words struggle to. I am of course mindful that I’m writing this not drawing it! So maybe words and text can help you draw out ideas in a way sketching can’t after all this text is as much my inner dialogue as a blog

Anyway I have resolved to draw more and get to grips with my stylus so I can do a better than finger painting.